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Des & Steve

Steve 'Fingers' Fearn - A Short History

Steve started out in rock and roll bands around Market Harborough in the late 1950s, but when he moved to Leicester to take up a steady gig with an Irish show band in 1963, he found enough affinity with the brass section of Tom Bunney and Alan Warden to form their own band, also featuring Hubert Holt on vocals, who is nowadays with the Foundations. Gigging around London they were soon spotted by Decca and Fearn's Brass Foundry were contracted to release two 45s. The first; Don't Change It can be found on several Northern Soul compilations and will go down in history as the last record ever played on Juke Box Jury and you can listen to it on our music page HERE. Radio One DJ Stuart Henry also picked it up as his theme for a while, generating what they used to call a radioplay hit, but no chart action. However, instead of building on the success with another Fearn-penned dance floor filler, Decca selected a duff cover version for the follow up A-side, which sank without trace. For a while, the band enjoyed a high profile residency at Bailey's night club in Leicester, but Steve tired of the gig and left Brass Foundry to work on other projects, including an LP with the Pete York Percussion Group. York was the drummer with the Spencer Davies Group and the band also featured Ian Paice of Deep Purple. Paice and fellow Purp Jon Lord were common fixtures sitting in at Brass Foundry gigs during their early 70s residencies at the County Arms in Blaby and the Bath Hotel in nearby Shearsby. During this time the set featured a lot of comedy material and Bill Maynard was also a keen follower of the group, but Steve was again ready to move on, forming a comedy and music duo Fingers 'n' Fumbs with Des Dyer of 70s hit-makers Jigsaw.

Des 'Fumbs' Dyer - A Short History

Back in the 60‘s Des started a band in Rugby together with his cousin Dave Haggan called 'THE SURFCYDERS', but was then approached to join a recently formed band called JIGSAW. Des was in the unusual position of being the lead singer in the band as well as the drummer. 'JIGSAW' were renowned for their crazy antics on stage and toured the country playing mainly university gigs, RAF camps and naval bases. In 1970 Arthur Conley of “Sweet Soul Music” fame was touring Europe but was dissatisfied with his backing band and sacked them and so 'JIGSAW' were asked to replace them, so everyone in the band turn pro and toured Europe with Arthur Conley. By this time Des was writing songs together with the keyboard player of the band Clive Scott and they had their first taste of success when Englebert Humperdink recorded one of their songs. Shortly afterwards they wrote a song entitled “Who Do You Think You Are” which was a big hit for 'CANDLEWICK GREEN' and later reworked by 'ST. ETIENNE'. In 1975 'JIGSAW' released a record composed by Des and Clive called 'Sky High'. This was a huge hit all around the world and reached number 1 in the Japanese International Chart, number 1 in Australia, Number 3 in the USA, and number 8 in the UK. It is still being played today on Radio 2, Smooth Radio and Saga Radio!!! Listen to it on our music page HERE. Jigsaw had another top 20 hit in 1978, so just missed becoming a one hit wonder. In 1981 JIGSAW disbanded and Des got together with Steve to form 'Fingers ‘n‘  Fumbs'. In the early days Des played bass guitar but soon got fed up with that and took up the tambourine. In the 80’s Des twice entered the Song For Europe contest but fell short of actually representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, these performances still exist on You Tube, mullet an’ all. Check it out HERE for a giggle. 'Fingers ’n’ Fumbs' are about to enter their third decade together - Frightening!! - But rest assured one day they’ll get it right!!!!